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Rod Coyne - Decade - Art Exhibition

"Decade" is a series of new paintings celebrating Irelands majestic seascapes and landscapes from Rod Coyne.

The artist pays homage to nature and the holy sites of our ancient history from pagan to Christianity.
Water is a constant theme, drawing him to mountain, lakes, rivers and the ocean's coastlines.
For the past ten years he has been working en plein air to capture the beauty of land and sea.
Sometimes he is depicting exactly what he sees and sometimes dissolving it down until only an essence remains.

The artist says he feels he is always walking a line between abstract and figurative, whereby each image is derived directly from the subject in front of him regardless of how reduced or fanciful the end product looks.

During this long running conversation with the landscape he experimented with various painting techniques, arriving at a point where he trawls oil paint onto canvas using a palette knife. These images have vivid colours and a greater depth of field allowing the viewer to enter into and occupy the space. Today's work doesn't invalidate the pictures that have gone before - as Rod says, he had to go there to arrive here!

"Decade" is a body of work based on a "long running conversation" with the Irish landscape.

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